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Testimony Guidelines

We're so glad you’re interested in writing a testimony for the Christian Science publications. As you think about your healing, or healings, Article VIII, Section 24, of the Manual of The Mother Church should be an invaluable guide. There, Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “Testimony in regard to the healing of the sick is highly important. More than a mere rehearsal of blessings, it scales the pinnacle of praise and illustrates the demonstration of Christ, ‘who healeth all thy diseases’” (p. 47). Remember, many people who read your testimony may just be beginning to consider spiritual healing. Others will be longtime students of Christian Science.

Here are a few tips, as you begin to write, that will prove helpful in bringing God’s power to light for readers.

  • Firsthand account
     Tell about your healing in your own words, even though someone else may also have been praying about the situation.
  • Time frame
     Experiences should be fairly recent but solidly established before they are published.
  • Subject matter
     There is always a need for strong examples of physical healing, and many of the testimonies we publish include one, no matter how small.

Subject matter

Keep in mind, we always need strong examples of physical healing, and most of the testimonies we publish include one. Healings of relationship challenges and financial issues are important, too, and may be considered for an article rather than a testimony.

Time frame

Experiences should be fairly recent. However, you may have a compelling healing you haven't yet shared that occurred several years ago. (There are instances when it is advisable to wait until a healing is solidly established before publication.) If this is the case, consider including in your testimony a second, more recent, healing to convey the continuity of God's care in your life.

Firsthand account

Write your testimony in the first person.


  • Try to balance details with metaphysical truths.
  • Tell how you prayed.
  • Offer spiritual insights you gained and how they led to your healing.
  • Feel free to include a passage, or passages, from the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures or any of Mary Baker Eddy's other writings to support a point, but don't overquote or depend on quotes to make your points.
  • Indicate clearly that the healing did come and that it has been permanent.

Testimonies average 500–1,000 words in length. A Sentinel or Journal editor can help you shape and condense when necessary. We generally publish up to two testimonies per person per year in the magazines, including The Herald of Christian Science.


  • Include names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three people who would be willing to verify your testimony.
  • Verifiers should be people who know you well and have either witnessed the healing or can vouch for your integrity.


Your submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team for possible publication online and in the periodicals. Please put your full name and contact information (street address/phone number/e-mail) at the beginning of the testimony. Please email your submissions to

Or mail your submissions to:
 The Christian Science Sentinel/Journal
 Testimonies P03-30
 The Christian Science Publishing Society
 210 Massachusetts Avenue
 Boston, MA 02115 USA

Enjoy the writing process! We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Миссия «Вестника»

В 1903 году Мэри Бэкер Эдди основала «Вестник Христианской Науки». Его цель: «провозглашать всеохватывающую деятельность и доступность Истины». Определение слова «вестник» согласно словарю: «предшественник — посланец, отправленный с тем, чтобы уведомить о приближении того, что следует», придает особое значение названию «Вестник» и, более того, указывает на нашу обязанность, обязанность каждого из нас, следить за тем, чтобы наши «Вестники» оправдывали свое доверие, доверие, неотделимое от Христа и впервые провозглашенное Иисусом (см. Марк 16:15): «идите по всему миру и проповедуйте Евангелие всей твари».

Мэри Сэндс Ли, «Вестник Христианской Науки», 7 июля 1956 г.

Дополнительная информация о «Вестнике»и его Миссии.